The earth is a bountiful paradise filled with an infinite plethora of highly beneficial elixirs for the skin and body. With a profound passion for nature and skincare, Allie Bernstein McElligott, the visionary Founder of East Sound Lane, created an exclusive artisan skincare brand of truly exquisite products that are impeccably presented and the epitome of luxury.

Inspired by nature and curated with love, East Sound Lane’s haute collection is simply beautiful and awash with endless organic benefits for the skin and soul. The collection is authentic from inception to fruition and harps back to a time when goods were created from nature’s garden of pristine flora. Keeping true to the essence of organic artisanal skincare, the majority of the botanical ingredients used to develop the collection are grown in Allie’s family’s garden on Martha’s Vineyard.

To ensure optimal quality, retention of the ingredients nutrients and purity, the principle of petal-to-potion was employed. This white-glove approach is the secret to the creation of spectacular skincare that is a paragon of luxury.

The collection includes Kangaroo Flower Oil With Kakadu Plum, a magical potion from the heavens. Dubbed as a powerhouse plant, Kangaroo Paw’s botanical extracts work to strengthen the skin’s barrier and regenerate the links between skin cells. Endemic to the southwest of Western Australia, Kangaroo Paw is rich with fatty acids that are essential to keeping the skin looking youthful and healthy. This elixir is an invaluable thread from the Fountain Of Youth – it’s a must-have for retaining youthful, radiant skin.

The other gems in the collection are the Skin Silk Serum and Kangaroo Flower Beauty Body Oil With Hibiscus, both offer extraordinary hydration and boundless benefits to the skin. The Kangaroo Flower Beauty Body Oil is a stupendously luxurious indulgence for the skin that features miraculous attributes such as eliminating inflammation from the inside out as a result of its Hibiscus extracts and it also speeds up the skin’s renewal process.

This refined “ je ne sais quoi” collection from the bosom of nature is a luxurious and environmentally-friendly skincare brand that is matched by real performance. Every application of its gorgeous elixirs is like being bestowed with a kiss-of-youth from the elusive angel of prodigious beauty. East Sound Lane Kangaroo Flower With Kakadu Plum, $92, East Sound Lane Skin Silk Serum, $80, East Sound Lane Kangaroo Flower Beauty Body Oil With Hibiscus, $76 –

Photos courtesy of Randi Baird.