By Donatella Braghieri

Photos courtesy of Fifth Meridian Travel

Just as a wedding reception is no ordinary party, a honeymoon is no ordinary vacation. A honeymoon is an opportunity to relax, refresh and enjoy the romance and novelty of new and exciting destinations with your freshly-minted spouse. A honeymoon does not have to include multiple destinations in different time zones in order to be memorable, but, an itinerary that includes more than one country can make your honeymoon even more spectacular.

In order to create that most magnificent honeymoon, Soiree asked New York City-based uber travel advisor, Donatella Braghieri of Fifth Meridian Travel, to recommend the ultimate five-star, three-week, multi-destination honeymoon getaway. As the lady of luxe travel in the city, Donatella created a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon itinerary – one that would exceed the expectations of even the most demanding and discerning couple.

The adventure of romance and bliss

For the first week of the honeymoon, an overwater villa at the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora offers postcard vistas and an out-of-this-world experience for the beginning of a lifetime of love. St. Regis is renowned for its luxurious properties and exquisite service – Bora Bora is one of the most breathtaking, romance and relaxing places on earth. So undoubtedly, a luxurious overwater villa at the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is the perfect place to begin a honeymoon.

Boasting over 40 acres of celestial bliss, the resort offers stunning views of Mount Otemanu and features a world-class spa that provides a vast array of treatment and massages. The epitome of serenity and beauty, Bora Bora is worth the travel time. What could be more relaxing than an amazing spa treatment followed by a leisurely swim in the resort’s crystal-clear lagoon or a quiet stroll along its private beach?

After several days of basking in the sun and sheer beauty of Bora Bora, its onto the village of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Donatella suggests spending at least five days in a suite at Le Sirenuse, one of the finest hotels in Italy. Located in the heart of Positano, Le Sirenuse is an elegant, five-star hotel with a rich history that features a host of superb amenities such as delectable restaurants and a world-class spa.

Designed by the famous Italian architect, Gae Aulenti, the spa offers the full-range of beauty treatments and specialty massages, in addition to services specifically designed for couples. After a day of being pampered in the spa or perhaps enjoying an excursion to the famous ruins at Pompeii, honeymooners will relish the posh surroundings of their suite at Le Sirenuse. Magical days of romance will be filled with lots of love and bliss that is matched by the bubbles of the finest Prosecco that Italy has to offer. A grand bed strewn with sweet rose petals and an impeccable view of the Mediterranean are the pinnacles of this wonderful experience at Le Sirenuse. Que bella!

For the final leg of the honeymoon, Donatella says a suite plage at Cheval Blanc on the island of St. Barths in Caribbean is the perfect place to complement the other splendid destinations. Located on the beautiful Flamands Beach, Cheval Blanc is a world-class hotel that represents the apex of Caribbean luxury and sophistication. At Cheval Blanc, the couple’s time will be imbued with fabulous cuisine, memorable walks along the beach and even a private sunset cruise under the brilliant milky way that will pay homage to the unfolding love story beneath.

Other enticing features on St. Barths range from private wine-tasting, excellent duty-free shopping to a private picnic on a deserted island. As an added side bar, there is also paddle-boarding, snorkeling in the pristine waters off St. Barths, an exhilarating helicopter tour of the island and of course, island hopping to nearby Caribbean islands. As the apex of this amazing honeymoon, a private plane back home is the grand finale to an awe-inspiring experience that the honeymoon. SM