As children little girls are thought a myriad number of things, from social etiquette to proper pronunciation and how to be a fine lady one day. But, mixed in amongst the rigid formality of their burgeoning lives are the magnificent and innocent day dreams. At the apex of these dreams is their future wedding, in their tender minds, it’s a grand princess-like affair with a happily-ever-after ending. With many decades, some of those childhood dreams will come through.

The one aspect of a wedding that must be fastidiously undertaken is the photography, brilliant images will “freeze” the day forever in time.

Here’s a photography checklist for your wedding day.

Getting ready
• Wedding gown & accessories.
• Bride getting dressed in all her finery.
• Bride with her mom.
• Bride with her bridesmaids.
• Groom’s attire
• Groom and his groomsmen.
• The rings.
• Couple’s first “encounter” – traditionally the groom sees his bride at the alter.

The ceremony
• Décor of wedding.
• Arrival of parents.
• Arrival of bridal party.
• The ambiance of the venue.
• Special touches.
• Groom’s expression as he sees his bride.
• Bride and her dad walking towards the groom.
• The giveaway kiss from her dad.
• Exchanging the vows.
• Couple’s first kiss as a married couple.
• Couple walking down the aisle.

After the ceremony

• Couple’s intimate love moments as newlyweds.
• Couple with their families.
• Couple with bridal party.
• The venue’s gorgeous surroundings such as natural elements and unique accents.

The reception
• Décor elements of the reception venue.
• Entrance of couple.
• Table settings.
• Cake and dessert table.
• Couple’s table.
• Tender moments during reception – candid kisses, tearful toasts, dad and daughter dance.
• Couple’s first dance.
• Bride throwing the bouquet.
• The garter “event.”
• Cake cutting.
• Party and dance floor action.
• Fireworks.

First day as a married couple
• The after-wedding breakfast
• The send off.

Two weeks later
• Wedding gifts
• Trash the dress – the real wedding gown is not used for this fun, but, destructive event. A much cheaper version of the dress is the “victim” of this photoshoot. Photos by Dwayne Watkins – SM