The traditional bridal trousseau was historically considered to be a woman’s connubial accoutrements such as clothing, lingerie and linens that accompanied her into marriage. The trousseau is the chattel of a bride in historical parlance. The term is taken from the French word ‘trousseau’ – meaning ‘small bundle’.

Throughout history, single young women all over the world have prepared for their change in marital status by accumulating items for the bridal trousseau. A traditional trousseau included bridal accessories, lingerie, jewellery, toiletries and makeup, bath towels and bed linens.

The modern trousseau is quite a unique and individual collection – most often consisting of items today’s bride loves and feels comfortable in.

So what belongs in your trousseau? Well, really, in today’s world anything goes.

But ladies are well advised to remember, that shopping for your trousseau is not an image makeover – in reality you are just collecting some new items of clothing you probably needed anyway.

Lingerie is still a major aspect of the bridal trousseau – no matter how far women have evolved. But again, today’s bride chooses items that are unique to her own tastes and personality. For example, if you normally sleep in a T-shirt, you may not feel comfortable in a long, flowing night gown for your wedding night. Yet, you still want to feel special. So in this case, a sexy teddy or short chemise in white can certainly be quite appealing and make you feel like a bride on that once-in-a-lifetime night – and surely spark your groom’s interest too.

Items for the honeymoon are the basis of the new bridal trousseau. Every bride shops for her honeymoon based on her destination. It’s best to choose attractive, sexy clothes with a nod to the practical. The perfect time to shop and assemble your honeymoon wardrobe is before the wedding planning gets too hectic.

When it comes to shoes – for most honeymoon destinations sandals, flip flops, sexy heels for dress up and a comfortable pair of walking or athletic shoes are must-haves.

While every bride’s style is different, the honeymoon basics tend to include sensual lingerie – usually a different ensemble for each night.There are lots of modern choices – even including bras and panties with “Bride” or “Just Married” embroidered on them…for his eyes only! Other choices include a cover-up robe for a romantic breakfast – perhaps in chemise or baby doll length.

For the rest of your honeymoon wardrobe, pack casual basics like T-shirts, blouses and tank tops. Camisole tops with built in bras are perfect for sightseeing or just hanging out. And you can also add a shrug or bolero jacket to turn it them the perfect dinner outfit. Be sure not to forget a slinky cocktail dress for a romantic dinner out, and your favourite accessories.

So ladies, for today’s modern bride – the compilation of your trousseau really is up to you. Choose what you like and what looks good on you, and be ready to enjoy all that being a bride has to offer – in style. SM