Photo courtesy of Jordanna Regan.

Eyes that pop

To transform your eyes into amazing arabesques-inspired ogles of love, eyeliners in the shades of charcoal, navy, or mahogany are your best options. Black or brown may look too severe, especially if your wedding will be held during the daytime and/or outdoors.

Open your eyes

Use a white shadow as a highlighter on your brow bone if you have light skin; a warmer light peach or vanilla shade will suit deeper complexions.

Defining lines

Do contour your eyes, but avoid using colors that are too dense (it can detract from your eyes themselves).

Safe tears

When it comes to creating beautiful lashes, always choose mascara that’s waterproof! It will last longer and withstands tears. If you really don’t like the look or feel, use one coat of regular mascara, then follow up with a light coat of waterproof mascara.

Shape and shade brows

It’s vital to shape your brows prior to the wedding day; this will add a great enhancement to your face. When defining your brows use a brow contouring brush and a shadow that matches your hair color; forgo penciling your brows as eyebrow shadows are more natural.

Rosy cheeks

Don’t forget your blush! A pop of color on your cheeks is like an instant facelift. For fairer skin, a pink tone will work; those with deeper skin tones can choose a rosier hue.

Be careful with your makeup & your gown

When applying foundation, do so only on your décolletage as it can stain your dress.

Radiant lips

According to the old adage, “a true lady never goes out without her lipstick,” so be sure to choose a lip color that is a bit more vibrant than your normal color. Pale nude or brown lip hues can make you appear washed out in photos, especially if your gown is white.

Don’t forget your wedding pouch

As far back as medieval times, the wedding pouch has been a part of the bride’s trousseau. It’s the place to keep your must-have items on the big day; from makeup for touch-ups to emergency items such as a needle & thread or hairspray, the wedding pouch is a must for every bride.

Pamper your tresses

One week before your wedding, you should confirm your hair appointment for the day as well as have a hair treatment and scalp massage. This will not only relax you, but it will do wonders for your hair and scalp by stimulating your hair follicles and adding body. SM