Say bon voyage to the run-of-the-mill drugstore deodorant, introducing Mojave Myst, a luxurious deodorant that takes the hygiene “game” to a new level. Mojave Myst is a molecular spray deodorant that delivers up to five days of odor protection via Mojave Myst’s patent-pending odor canceling technology.

Created in the Mojave Desert, (one of the hottest and most extreme places on earth), Mojave Myst’s odor cancelling technology effectively illuminates body odor and is a proprietary formula made with .999% ultra-pure colloidal platinum, gold, silver and copper. These precious earth elements neutralize odor on contact. Mojave Myst is an invisible vapor that delivers superior aluminum-free, non-toxic, multi-day odor protection.

Mojave Myst, $35 – explore the wonders of this amazing deodorant at