As rich as its illustrious inspiration, GYV Mesoamerican Beauty is a prestigious brand that features the cultural elements of the Mesoamerican region. This posh brand has infused the Mesoamerican essence into the creation of its luxurious fragrance and personal care products. It’s mission is to celebrate the history of the land by showcasing the scents, flavors and places of the region.

The collection is exquisitely presented and the scents are truly beautifully created. Ranging from blissful candles to rich hydrating handcrafted creams such as Jamaica Hand Cream, this brand is a refreshing addition to the luxury home and body industry. GYV Mesoamerican Beauty Jamaica Hand Cream, $25, GYV Mesoamerican Beauty Delia Candle, $35, GYV Mesoamerican Beauty Limon Candle, $35 –