Nostalgia, passion and amore are the threads that bind this summer’s The Passionistas Project Pack. The Founders, Amy and Nancy have curated a heartfelt box that features wonderful delights from yesteryear as well as keepsakes for the future – a truly eclectic collection of artisanal products and confections.

The Details

The box features delectable gourmet confections from Viveltre Italian Stracciatella Gourmet Marshmallows, a fun element from Two Tumbleweeds Foodie Dice, Shiny Little Blessings puzzle piece charm, (this is a lovely addition for the charm bracelet that was in the first box), chic coral and pink shoelaces by Cute Laces, and a gorgeous sarong from Village Thrive Sarong Tapestry, it’s the perfect summer accessory that has endless possibilities.

Given the current Coronavirus crisis and massive change in our lifestyle, Amy and Nancy have also included ways to enlighten and inspire us. The summer box also offers two unique ways to edify and occupy our minds – the first is Stacey Newman-Weldon’s Discovery Session which helps you to find the fun in your life. The second is a lovely book by Billie Best, How I Made A Huge Mess Of My Life, (or Couples Therapy With A Dead Man). Both are perfect “vehicles” for escaping and learning. SM

As a fabulous nicety, The Passionistas Project Pack is offering our readers a chance to win their exclusive giveaway as well as wonderful discounts on subscriptions. The link for the giveaway is:

Special coupon codes: SOIREE20