Known for its stunning alabaster beauties, Sweden was the inspiration for the creation of Scandic Skincare. The brand is a luxury skincare line that blends ancient Scandinavian botanical knowledge with cutting-edge science to rescue skin from the ravages of time.

The hands of time and youth have fought an endless battle for eons. However, Scandic Skincare’s Line Smoothing Collection is a powerful trove of “armory” against aging. The benefits includes preventing wrinkles, improving skin firmness and fostering youthful looking skin.

This luxurious collection features a lovely quad of elixirs such as the Klar/Clay Cleaner, Ren/Pure Pre-Serum, Ung/Young Line Smoothing Serum and Skön/Beautiful Regenerating Moisturizer – a must-have for your skincare routine. Scandic Skincare Line Smoothing Collection, $273.70, (spring offer, reg. $322.00) –