A truly stellar and extraordinary skincare collection is immensely arduous to find, however, Lalicious, a luxury skincare brand, has perfected the art of creating a unique skincare line that delivers phenomenal hydration that’s matched by scents that are indeed, intoxicating.

What started with a little tub of a dramatically different kind of sugar scrub, today, has become a luxurious line of highly sought-after skincare products. Lalicious’ signature whipped sugar scrub is featured in some of the most prestigious spas around the world.

The collection is also a beauty industry “must-have” for those addicted to its innovative texture, unparalleled hydration, and glow-inducing exfoliation. This spring has seen the addition of Peachy Keen, a limited-edition duo that drenches the skin in the scent of creamy peaches, sweet berries and jasmine petals – a lovely and heavenly sensory gratification.

The Soirée Team has only two words to aptly describe the Lalicious collection: Absolutely celestial. There’s a plethora of skincare on the market, but, Lalicious is the queen at the apex of “her” industry. Lalicious is an impressive brand that offers brilliant hydration and superb performance, it’s a must-have for every woman that loves the finer things in life.

From its extraordinary luxurious packaging to the magnificently “inebriating” scents of the collection and the truly innovative texture, transformative properties of the body butter – Lalicious is simply spectacular! Lalicious Body Butter, $36, Lalicious Sugar Scrub, $36 & Lalicious Mini Set, $24. SM