Envisage being enveloped in an infinity magnificent field of pristine roses – pure intoxicating scent and stupendous pleasure. Introducing the gorgeous Rose Box from Heretic Parfum, its a decadent box of fragrances built around some of the rarest natural rose absolutes on earth.

The Rose Box houses four lovely scents: Saffron Rose, exotic saffron is muddled with Moroccan rose absolute for a scent of warm leather and soft petals. Amber Rose, an hedonistic blend of warm vanilla absolute, labdanum and benzoin matched with roses from Morocco, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Coco Rose, beautifully delicate, yet, sensual and slightly fruity Bulgarian rose absolute blended with the narcotic effects of pure coconut. Naked Rose, this ‘soliflore,’ (single note), features one of the most coveted and expensive Turkish rose extracts to ever exist. Harvested in 2018 and distilled by Laboratories Monique Remy, this rare decant needs nothing to obscure its sublime sensuality. Heretic Parfum Rose Box, $65 – www.hereticparfum.com