Inspired by centuries old traditional Chinese medicine, Redmint’s skincare collection is infused with potent botanicals that are the core components of traditional Chinese medicine. These extraordinary herbs are Yin nourishing, Qi uplifting and Yang regenerating – powerful elements that help renew the skin’s microbiome, elasticity and moisture levels as well as its natural glow.

Redmint’s lovely curation for this year’s Holiday Bliss List includes its coveted Pearl Facial Crème, The 5 Elements Evolve Body Oil, Pearl Facial Cleanser and The 5 Elements Ageless Facial Mist. Made with luscious pearl powder, (one of the most powerful anti-aging and brightening agents), the pearl collection “houses” powerful anti-aging properties as well as antioxidant benefits to the skin.

A reputed “Fountain of Youth” potion, Redmint’s 5 Elements Ageless Facial Mist is fashioned from Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, (1305-1380), beauty water. According to Hungarian legend, the beauty water was so effective at reversing the queen’s appearance that the 25-year-old Grand Duke of Lithuania asked for her hand-in-marriage when she was 70.

This mist is infused with 10+ powerhouse herbs and soothing essential oils, selected for their medicinal properties. Redmint Pearl Facial Crème, ($128), Redmint The 5 Elements Evolve Body Oil, ($118), Pearl Facial Cleanser, ($68) and The 5 Elements Ageless Facial Mist, ($78) – discover the wonders of the Redmint collection