The marriage ritual is filled with mounds of excitement, preparation, and infinite dreams of the embarkation of a “new” life together as husband and wife. Undoubtedly, the apex of getting married is the honeymoon, it’s a wonderful and blissful dream-like time that the newly-minted couple can envelop themselves in love, adventure and spectacular intimacy and of course, escape the world.

Where did the concept of the celestial honeymoon originate? Well, the tradition in it’s archaic form dates back to the 5th century. In those days, newlyweds would drink mead, (a honey-based alcohol), after their first “moon” together as a married couple. The mead was a gift from guests and it was believed to have aphrodisiac properties to help with conception. However, the modern version of the honeymoon was not introduced until the 1800s, and later refined in the 1900s.

Skip forward to the 20th century, the traditional bridal trousseau became mainly a luxurious once-in-a-lifetime attire and accessories collection for the honeymoon. Other accoutrements like home goods were given to the couple as wedding gifts.

So the bride was left with the sheer bliss of focusing on sorting out her wedding attire and honeymoon trousseau. There are no rules as to what the honeymoon trousseau should comprise, it’s really down to the bride’s unique tastes and the location of the honeymoon.

A far cry from its yester-year, going on honeymoon is now a grand affair and entails just as much work as the wedding. There’s the actual location to select, the length of time, creating an itinerary for the trip and the pièce de résistance is the honeymoon trousseau.

A well-organized bride will have at least three fabulous outfits per day as well as stunning and alluring lingerie for each evening of love.
Like the honeymoon, the concept of the bridal trousseau is ancient and is considered to be a woman’s connubial accoutrements such as clothing, lingerie and linens that accompanied her into marriage.

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