The natural resources of Africa are unmatched and infinite, Yangu Beauty is an award-winning luxury brand that creates superb beauty elixirs for women of color. A true testament to its exquisite quality, the brand was recently launched at Neiman Marcus. Three of the stars of Yangu Beauty’s collection include the rich cleansing whip, moisturizing day cream and bright eyes cream.

The collection’s “secret” is Yangu Oil from the Cape Chestnut Tree, it offers natural UV protection and antioxidant properties. This gorgeous collection offers endless benefits to the skin, from the outside in – its like submerging into an river of infinite youth and rejuvenation. Yangu Beauty Moisturizing Day Cream, $64.99, Yangu Beauty Bright Eyes Cream, $64.99, Yangu Beauty Cleansing Whip, $29.99 –