The bedroom holds a labyrinth of unspeakable secrets – from ardent “vanilla” evenings of intimate pleasure to encounters of steamy BDSM, (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism).

The art of seduction and creating the perfect sophisticated “realm” of intrigue is an age old game, one that has been crafted by French courtesans, insatiable kings and queen. Throughout the millenniums the principles of pleasure have evolved, but, the possibilities are endless and only limited by one’s imagination.

To set the stage, the players need highly gratifying armor to enter the realm of pleasure, but, this armor is vastly different from ones of war, as they are curated to extrapolate the hidden desires of the players. From celestially scented candles, to gorgeous silk accouterments and unadulterated orgasmic tools of love, the stage of love is ready to entertain.

However, here is the caveat: There is an endless array of love tools on the market, but, they are not all created equally – some are simply rubbish, while, others are good. With that said, there are none that can compare to the stupendous craftsmanship of HighOnLove – these love tools are in a league of their own.

Spectacular delights of the Objects Of Desire gift set.

The collection
The brand is a luxurious line of sensual and self-care products designed to take pleasure to the next level, all blended with premium cannabis oil. The collection is refined, high-end and gorgeous to look at, but, more importantly it delivers infinite waves of untethered pleasure.

At the core of HighOnLove is its oil blends – these oils transform romance by bringing a new level of sensuality to skin and uncharted heights to intimacy. This sumptuous collection ranges from blissful bath oils to luxurious massage candles and the brand’s cult fave Stimulating Oil, each product is crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Packaged to feel like a high-end beauty line, HighOnLove’s products are chic and display-worthy and lives up to its promise of delight.

Enter the arena of the Objects Of Luxury.

Three of the brand’s must-haves include the Objects Of Desire gift set, Objects Of Luxury gift set and Kiss and Tell gift set. These beautifully curated sets are glamorously high-end and risqué.

The Details
Let’s start with the stunning Objects Of Luxury gift set, it offers a boundless experience of unparalleled gratification that features HighOnLove’s bestselling Sensual Massage Oil and the premium bedazzled silicone body wand. Created via a collaboration between High On Love and CalExotics, the Objects of Desire gift set includes the coveted Stimulating Oil and the JOPEN Palm Massager.

The sexy lip gloss from the Kiss and tell gift set.

The last star on the list is the Kiss and Tell set, it features a premium emerald velvet pouch with rose gold hardware, the brand’s best-selling Stimulating O Gel and plumping, stimulating Lip Gloss. With such bespoke tools of love and ambient candlelight, the only things needed are erotic boudoir music and a vintage bottle of champagne!

Here’s to love and sensually fulfilled evenings of unbridled bliss. HighOnLove Objects Of Luxury gift set, $185, HighOnLove Objects Of Desire gift set, $125, HighOnLove Kiss and Tell gift set, $65. Enter the realm of rapturous love at