In the “sea” of faux lashes, Ashley Kennedy is a paragon. The brand’s luxurious collection of beautifully created handcrafted faux mink lashes are exquisitely made and impeccably presented. These lashes are miles above the run-of-the-mill beauty store lashes that leave a lot to be desired. From the moment you unbox these gorgeous lashes, an instant sense of opulence and class is realized – they exude elegance and unadulterated luxury.

Ashley & Devin, Founders of Ashley Kennedy.

The namesake of the Co-Founder, Ashley Kennedy began with the Founders, Ashley and Devin’s love story. Their whirlwind romance involved many date nights that started with last minute runs to the store to pick up Ashley’s must-have faux lashes. As a result of the daunting task, the couple created a sophisticated brand that was easily accessible to devotees of faux lashes and one that is the epitome of refinement. Ashley Kennedy is a refreshing game changer in the labyrinth of faux lashes.

The collection includes the ultimate luxe lash set, soft glam lash set and the everyday lash set. These lashes will elevate a lady’s style as well as illuminate the nuances of her face. Ashley Kennedy’s lashes undoubtedly rises the bar of elegance and glamour.

Ashley Kennedy Ultimate Luxe Lash Set, $39.99, Ashley Kennedy Soft Glam Lash Set, $24.99, Ashley Kennedy Everyday Lash Set, $24.99 –