The pain of losing a beloved family member is a profound wound that will never heal, but, as with all things in this physical life time allows a beautiful garden of roses to bloom. With the years that pass, we hold onto the beautiful treasured moments of sweeter times.

Holding onto positive things, Trudy and Pam, Founders of the HER-MINE self-care lifestyle box, created this most heartfelt box of love as the ultimate homage to Pam’s baby sister, Hermine Ricketts-Carroll – a truly remarkable lady.

Hermine’s spirit, unconditional love and her signature remark, “woo, woo, woo,” goes into every box of comfort sent out. To further bestow Hermine’s essence into the box, an insignia of a beautiful pristine butterfly was incorporated in the logo – her dearest “earth insect.”

The HER-MINE self-care lifestyle box is designed to remind us to relax and practice self-care. The Soirée Team has encountered numerous boxes, however, the HER-MINE box is the first to touch us profoundly from an emotional prospective – the reason for it’s inception is an immense illustration of true infinite unconditional love – simply beautiful beyond words.

HER-MINE self-care lifestyle box, $44 per month. Discover self love and indulge in the delights that the HER-MINE box has in store for you at