Composed of 95% keratin, stunning Rapunzel-like hair is one of the most prized possessions of both women and men. However, this centuries old obsession with gorgeous tresses is a fleeting one, as our hair “blooms” at the skin’s surface it’s no longer alive – those luscious strands can never be retained.

To aid holding onto the momentary beauty, Eufora offers three essential gift sets. This must-have trio includes: The urgent repair set, a therapeutic regimen designed to remove impurities and build-up, while, replenishing moisture and protein.

Designed to weightlessly restore health and vibrancy to hair, the Bodifying set’s beautifying elixirs’ proprietary technology repairs damage and extends the life of color-treated hair. For the man in your life, Eufora’s Hero set is the perfect way to upgrade his at-home hair care regimen with performance-driven cleanse, treat, style and shave products crafted to create optimal hair, skin, and scalp health.

Eufora Urgent Repair Gift set, $99, Eufora Bodifying Gift Set, $99, Eufora Hero Gift Set, $89. Explore Eufora’s collection at