Stunning skin is priceless, however, with the ravages of time it changes. Herbal Ciddy, ( a wonderful organic skincare brand that is passionate about crafting high-quality products that are bestowed with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients), has created a collection of clean products that promotes gorgeously flawless skin. These products also feature naturally derived botanicals that envelope the skin in organic goodness.

Two of the collection’s stars are the magnificent Yoni Kit, (a vaginal health kit with a PH balancing cleanser and ultra-moisturizing serum), and Scar Removal Body Bundle, (an amazing kit to help minimize the appearance of scars, dark spots and stretch marks). The Soirée Team is absolutely in love with this brand, especially the Yoni Kit – it’s a must-have for ladies with sensitive love petals.

Herbal Ciddy Yoni Kit, $38, Herbal Ciddy Scar Removal Body Bundle, $60. Discover the wonders of Herbal Ciddy at