It’s an arduous task to find luxurious skincare products for discerning men. With the massive void in the market, Hawthorne, a high-end skincare brand exclusively for men, has filled the gap beautifully. The Hawthorne’s Founders were fed up of using “dad brands” made with cheap ingredients that pushed an outdated version of personal care.

Identifying the need for really good skincare for men, Hawthorne developed an algorithm that identifies the perfect products for men’s body chemistry, skin type, hair type and lifestyle with over 97% accuracy.

Hawthorne has ushered in a new age for men’s skincare, this is not a generic collection, it’s customized to the gentleman’s body and lifestyle. The collection includes heavenly scented body wash, face sunscreen and hydrating lip balm – brilliant rejuvenators for Spring. Hawthorne Hydrating Mint & Eucalyptus Body Wash, $17, Hawthorne Face Sunscreen, $17, Hawthorne Ultra Rich Lip Balm, $12 –