For centuries the humble hemp plant has been used for health and wellness. TerraVita, a California-based, health and wellness company specializing in CBD products has combined potent, plant-based ingredients with one of nature’s most powerful remedies, CBD oil.

Using meticulously-sourced ingredients, cutting-edge extraction methods and advanced flavor technology, TerraVita has developed an unparalleled range of premium, benefit-specific, earth-friendly solutions. The collection helps alleviate everyday ailments such as aches & pains, lack of energy, stress, anxiety, weight loss and insomnia.

The Soirée Team has encountered many CBD products, but, hands down this collection of brilliant products is the best. The unique and efficacious collection includes Sleep CBD Oil, (a powerful oil that combines premium full spectrum CBD with sedating terpenes and Melatonin), Relax CBD Oil, Relax CBD Bath Salts, Moisturizing CBD Body Butter and Hydrating CBD Lip Balm.

This amazing collection is a must-have for CBD enthusiasts as well as those who desire natural aids for sleep, relaxation and beautiful skin. TerraVita Sleep CBD Oil, $75.99, TerraVita Relax CBD Oil, $75.99, TerraVita Relax CBD Bath Salts, $59.99, TerraVita Moisturizing CBD Body Butter, $74.99, TerraVita Hydrating CBD Lip Balm, $17.99 –