So many aspects of life require precision, beauty and excellence. Gorgeous, clean nails are a must for a sophisticated, cultured woman – to take nails to another level of glamour employ stunning gel nail stickers by Danni & Toni. Created with love and a passion for clean beauty, Danni & Toni is a reputed gel nail stickers brand that offers salon quality gel nails that are chic and simply lovely.

For Soirée’s Summer Bliss List this year, the brand sent a fabulous curated collection of some of its finest nails – the curation included Sakura Romance, Venus, Queen style, Gold Flakes and the semi curing UV nail lamp. This amazing collection is perfect for creating a nail spa at home.

Not, only is the collection beautiful, it really delivers high performance and the nail spa look and feel, it’s a must-have for gel nail aficionados. Danni & Toni Nail Collection $13.99-$17.99, Danni & Toni UV Nail Lamp, $9.99 –