As with all things that encompasses love, the unique collection from Amborella Organics is vivacious, scrumptious and it ushers new life in the form of gorgeous spring blooms. The Amborella Organics collection features a lovely array of beautiful products, but, for this year’s Bliss List we are highlighting two that are truly brilliant.

First up is the Garden Lover’s 8 Pack, this beautifully presented gift delivers heavenly lollipops as well as a special surprise in the form of a seed-bearing lollipop stick. Flavors range from sage & marshmallow, (grows sage), to lavender & lemongrass, (grows lavender), peach & marigold, (grows marigold), strawberry & basil, (grows basil), champagne & roses, (grows rosetta cosmo) and rosemary & mint, (grows mint).

Photos courtesy of Heather Marie Collins @photobyhmc

The second “star” is the Blooming Lollipops Grow Kit, this truly ingenious kit is bundled with Amborella Organics’ gorgeous AO terra cotta pot & saucer and its bestselling garden Lover’s 8 Pack. These lovely products are the perfect gifts for your loved one, just add soil, water, sunshine and lots of love. Amborella Organics, Garden Lover’s 8 Pack, $20, Amborella Organics Blooming Lollipops Grow Kit, $36. Stay your sugary garden at