Stedfast to its purpose of enhancing women’s inner and outer beauty by developing products made with the finest ingredients from nature. The Los Angeles-based brand HollyHoux is a clean, organic beauty innovator that creates truly unique “beauty gems.”

The HollyHoux collection includes its new Cool Liquid Cushion, the brand’s most anticipated product launch of 2020. Truly revolutionary, Cool Liquid Cushion is unlike traditional powder as it will never cake or flake on the skin. With one tap of the cushion on the skin, the unpleasant evidence of unsightly perspiration is instantly whisked away, leaving a flawless dewy glow.

HollyHoux’s elixir for reversing the hands-of-time is the Reversaline “The Basics’ 5 piece set. This chest of beauty must-haves will help to maintain a moisturized and youthful complexion, its specifically formulated to nourish and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Get an instant “wave” of rejuvenation with HollyHoux Refresher Mist. This refreshing spray comes in five mood enhancing scents to brighten, revitalize, soothe, calm, and restore balance to skin. HollyHoux Cool Liquid Cushion, $25, HollyHoux Reversaline “The Basics” 5 Piece Set, $165, HollyHoux Refresher Mist, $30 –