Created from a profound need for clean makeup that was good for sensitive skin, Rejuva Minerals is an organic makeup brand that features natural makeup that’s brilliant for the skin and inner core.

Since its launch in 2006, the brand has obtained the adoration of celebrities, skin and makeup professionals as well as allergy sufferers globally. Rejuva Minerals allows its wearers to finally toss their “heavy,” caked-on makeup looks from brands that are laden with artificial, toxic ingredients that are carcinogens for diseases such as cancer. As an environmentally-friendly brand, Rejuva Minerals products are packaged in eco-containers made from regenerated materials.

As a further affirmation to its mantra of creating clean beauty products, Rejuva Minerals has the seals & certifications of EWG and MADE SAFE. The brand also earned a “clean” rating from the Think Dirty app for its award-winning Mega Lash mascara and Acai Berry Blush. This is an awesome brand that’s committed to the pursuit of natural beauty.

Rejuva Minerals’ collection is vast, the three diamonds in its “crown” are the award-winning Mega Lash Mascara, Acai Berry Blush and the Age Defying Liquid Foundation. These products are magic for the skin – its natural beauty at its best.

The most wonderful aspect about donning this brand’s makeup is the splendid feeling of not having a weighted pore-cogging sensation of wearing makeup – its as if you have nothing on your face. Rejuva Minerals Mega Lash Mascara, $16.50, Rejuva Minerals Acai Berry Blush, $16.95, Rejuva Minerals Age Defying Liquid Foundation, $29.95 –