Truly clean, organic home scents are immensely hard to find, the Soirée Team was beyond delighted to discover the exquisite Airplane Mode collection. This gorgeously presented home fragrance collection is created with love and the finest organic ingredients from the bosom of nature.

Born out of a desire for healthy, natural home scents that add je ne sais quoi and marvelous ambiance to an abode, Airplane Mode has introduced a new haute living level to the art of home scenting.

From the moment a Airplane Mode package is opened the sheer, boundless opulence of the brand is revealed! Undoubtably, Airplane Mode’s stupendously luxe collection will sweep you away to a realm of celestial bliss that offers a fantastic “kaleidoscopic” sensory experience that’s unmatched.

Bask in the glorious scents of the new Winter Solstice Collection – it’s a dreamy eclectic mix of festive scents that include scrumptious gingerbread, delicious notes of frosted citrus, pine needles and earthy cloves.

Airplane Mode Aroma Melt, $12, Airplane Mode Recharge Mist, $19, Airplane Mode Essential Oil, $22, Airplane Mode Winter Solstice Candle, $45.