As summer is just around the corner and spring is almost over, the 180 Degree Box for May is the perfect way to get ready for those endless days of basking in the sun. Nestled in this lovely box is a luxe collection of self-care, wellness, lifestyle essentials, snacks, skincare and home goods.

For May the box features gorgeous products that are brilliant for a at-home spa day such as Tame The Mane Shower & Hair Turban, Facetory Face Mask, Avry Beauty Hand and Foot Spa Care, Scentuals Hand Repair Cream, Dermae Vitamin C Facial Peel, Urbana Fragant Bath Soap, Via Mercato Saop Dish, Radiant Fizzy Bath Soak, Seattle Beauty Skin Perfection, Healthy Snack On the Go and the stunning Radiant Necklace.

The Soirée Team once again was impressed and inspired to indulge in the delightful goodies of the 180 Degree Box. Undoubtedly, this fantastic box is a must-have for prepping for summer and pampering your body and restoring the soul. 180 Degree Box, $44.99 per month –