Introducing MANTL, a high-end skincare brand created by two gorgeous men who are confident in their masculinity and fabulously bald. Founders, Pete Ricci and Karamo, (Emmy-nominated TV host of Netflix’s hit series Queer Eye), launched MANTL to usher in a “revolution” to tear down, not only, the negative stereotypes of balding, but, also the apparition of the perfect person.

“My mission is to elevate humanity with positivity, empowerment and confidence through MANTL skincare and community,” notes Ricci. MANTL is a balance of sophistication, simplicity and elevated style with approachability as well as confidence with vulnerability.

“For a long time, I was hiding my balding head because it was not sexy or attractive. Then, I finally ignored the external fear marketing telling me to be ashamed or feel less than due to my hair loss,” states Karamo. “Alongside my co-founders, we made it our mission to find the best products to protect and preserve your skin in the healthiest way while on your balding journey,” adds Karamo.

This unique brand is specifically crafted for men that expect the best as well as skincare that actually delivers real performance. The MANTL Starter Kit is the perfect way to discover MANTL’s essential products. Made with naturally-derived ingredients, it cleanses , moisturizes and protects in one easy routine. Discover your perfect  routine with the MANTL Starter Kit, $35 –