An essential part of parenting is putting your child to bed in a harmonious and lovely way. At the core of “tucking them in for the night” is reading a fantastical, awe-inspiring book. The Soirée Team recently discovered A Book and Bear subscription box – this box is truly lovely and features high-end literary classics and plush stuffed animals.

The box was created by Kymberly MacAgy a former teacher with a passion for helps moms with young children to nurture family time, while, fostering a lifetime love for reading and learning.

Nestled in every box is a delightful plush animal stuffing kit, (with animal, fluff, adoption papers and heart), a gorgeous picture book or chapter book and an activity, game, craft or a wonderful surprise. This fantastic box of edification is a must for every child. A Book and Bear, $42.99-$47.99 –