The term charcuterie comes from two French words: “chair” which means “flesh,” and “cuit” which means “cooked.” The charcuterie concept derives from French origins in the 15th century, when people used every bit of meat and left nothing to waste. The meat was then put through the preservation process of curing and often formed into some sort of sausage or dry-aged meat.

Today, a charcuterie board is a sophisticated feast that entails fine wine, candlelight, mounds of fruit and of course, romance – it’s the perfect meal for an at home date night.

Platterful, a high-end charcuterie subscription box, has created an exquisite charcuterie experience that will make even the most discerning food and wine connoisseurs revel with complete gastronomic ecstasy.

This scrumptious box of delights features artisan goods such as old-world cheeses, Italian gourmet cured meats, peppered crackers, fragrant spreadable goat cheese, an array of delicious accompaniments, (dried fruits, olives, candied nuts) and of course, heavenly chocolate. The Platterful Charcuterie Box is a must-try for lovers of fine artisan foods. Platterful Charcuterie Box, $59 per month –