Gone are the days of the drab soap on a rope, I discovered the heavenly scents of Spongellé last summer and it was love at first sniff! A revolutionary bath and body luxury brand, Spongellé has created the world’s only body wash infused bath sponge collection. It’s collection uses a blend of high-quality moisturizers, botanicals, sea minerals, anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients.

Spongellé’s body wash infused buffers are an all-in-one beauty treatment that are multi-function and multi-use with products ranging from five to 30 plus uses – it’s a wonderfully unique way to cleanse your skin.

Two of my favorite scents are rose and peony, they remind me of summer days spent meandering in a exquisite English garden and its intoxicating waffling fragrance. Part of Spongellé’s lovely delights is the Reserve Collection, the limited edition Peony Flower is the perfect bathing accompaniment—no matter the season, or the reason. This beloved dual-performing body sponge and exhilarating exfoliator is infused with a beautiful feminine fragrance that will fill your bathroom with the heavenly scent of fresh cut peonies. 

Another of my favorites is Spongelle’s Botanica collection, it celebrates the metamorphosis of nature’s pharmacopoeia. Created with scents inspired by Mother Earth’s beauty, these butterfly buffers with built-in body wash are infused with skin nourishing herbal extracts of rose hip, hibiscus, and green tea – simply magnificent and a sensory delight.

Spongellé’s Reserve and Botanica collections are an aromatic and romantic escape to a land of fresh peonies and roses. They are the perfect bubbly antidote to a stressful day or the icing-on-the-cake to a romantic rendezvous for two.

Enter the world of Spongellé’s fragrance infused sponges at www.spongelle.com