Sweeten your Christmas this year with gorgeous products from Generation Bee. This luxury collection is inspired by the owners passion for bees as well as nature’s bounty of flora and fauna. Featuring wholesome ingredients such as organic coconut oil, jojoba beads, shea butter and beeswax, it’s simply an awesome treasure trove for the skin.

Some of the brand’s bestsellers include the soaking salt gift set, bee kissed lip trio, sumptuous body butter, delectable honey and the celestial apricot peach candle.

Undoubtedly, this collection is the perfect way to pamper the skin and gratify the palate over the holiday season. Dive in: Housed in a luxurious gift box, each soaking salt is hand poured into a beautiful glass vial, a truly exquisite gift that enriches the skin and relaxes the soul. Ensure that your lips are kissable by using the bee kissed lip trio, presented in a lovely gift box, the lip trio offers excellent hydration that enables your pout to be ready for those under the mistletoe moments.

Made from Generation Bee’s proprietary beeswax, the luscious body butter is fortified with exclusive organic essential oils and shea butter. It leaves your skin wonderfully hydrated and supple – once you use this body butter, the over-the-counter lotions will be a thing of the past.

The icing-on-the-cake is the delicious and stunning honey gift set. Nestled in a custom-made gift box, these three, 3 oz, jars of scrumptiousness are infused with flavors such as chile de arbol, lavender, and orange basil – a fabulous addition to any entrée or dessert.

Last, but, certainly, not least, is the apricot peach beeswax candle. One of the most amazing features of burning beeswax candles is the purification benefits for the room as well as providing a natural negative ion generator that improves air quality. This candle is beautifully scented as well as amazing for overall wellness.

Generation Bee Soaking Salts, $90, Generation Bee Kissed Lip Trio, $47, Generation Bee Body Butter, $42, Generation Bee Honey Gift Set, $26, Generation Bee Apricot Peach Candle, $34. Explore Generation Bee’s sweet hive at www.generation-bee.com