Perfume is an immensely personal enhancement that illustrates the fluidity of who we are as well as it indicates our mood. The art of perfume creation goes back many centuries. It’s without a doubt the secret weapon for women, when mixed with our pheromones that is when the real sensual magic happens – ooh la la!

The Details

Founded by fragrance specialists with over 17 years experience in the industry, LUXSB was created to enable women to explore their senses and to discover different designer perfumes. LUXSB offers hundreds of authentic designer and niche perfumes, each month you will receive a new and exciting brand. This fragrance subscription is a wonderful way to explore that vast selection of scents on the market. You can change your scent with the kaleidoscope and nuisances of your mood as well as the season.

La critique

It’s wonderful to have the pleasure of changing your perfume on demand, so wearing a scent is always a thrill. This perfume subscription from LUXSB is really awesome and a must-have for women who love to change their perfume on a regular basis – it’s a fabulous thing! SM

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