The world of perfumery and skincare is infinite, the art dates back to innovative civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. It was further refined by the Romans and Arabs. With such an illustrious history, the task of creating a stellar natural beauty brand is not an easy undertaking.

Inspired by the aromas of open air markets and fragrance houses during her travels in Egypt, Makeba Lloyd, the Founder of Butter By Keba, has created a remarkable collection of natural perfume and skincare that is based on the ancient principles of beauty elixir creation.

Butter By Keba gives you the perfect escape from stress as well as offers heavenly scents such as Lotus Nut, Le Coconut, La Vera and Lavender Cami. These scents waffles around every corner and elevates the soul. There’s also an absolutely beautiful and sensual men’s collection that includes the gorgeous and intoxicating scents of White Silke and Precious Sudan. Undoubtedly, this collection is sumptuous, rich and simply magnificent. Butter By Keba Body Butters, $15, Butter By Keba Perfume Oils, $24, Butter By Keba White Silke Body Lotion, $24 –